Re-Imagining the City: Interdependent Organizing for Social Transformation    

As it becomes clearer that all the single issues in cities are connected, it has become common for activists and organizers to talk about intersectional approaches to activism. Sometimes organizers are able to navigate these connections usefully and other times conflicts of interests between, for example, labor and environmental organizations, might break apart coalitions and whole campaigns. 

In this training, participants will deepen their understanding of cities, learn how cities connect single issues, and come to understand issues not only as intersecting but also as interdependent with interconnecting links that form the basis of cities large and small.  Developing analytical skills rooted in systems thinking, participants will be enabled to develop analyses and strategies for organizing rooted in the web of interconnections between issues that create the very cities they organize in. 

Participants will leave with

-A useful grounding in an introduction to systems thinking

-An understanding of how cities are constituted by the relationships between what we often think of as isolated issues 

-An understanding of how organizing around the relationships between issues can be a source of great power

-A framework for proactively navigating conflicts of interests between organizations working in different areas that often pose a threat to coalitions

-A collectively created vision for their city

-A map of interrelated practices that might make their city more closely resemble that vision